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Canada - Monaco Relations

The Principality of Monaco and Canada have maintained official diplomatic relations since 2008. In Monaco, Canada is represented by its Embassy in Paris and an honorary consulate in the Principality.

In Canada, the Principality of Monaco is represented by its Embassy in Washington, D.C., as well as honorary consulates in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Canada maintains excellent bilateral relations with Monaco, based on ties of friendship and trust and on the common values of freedom, democracy, solidarity, and tolerance. Environmental questions, oceans, the Arctic, and sports and the Olympic movement are among the fields of interest of HSH Prince Albert II that bring the two countries even closer together.

Canada values its cooperation with Monaco, particularly within the framework of a number of international institutions. La Francophonie and the United Nations are the main fora in which the two countries cooperate. Regular meetings are held with Monaco’s Minister of State and other institutions of the government of Monaco, especially regarding international cooperation and climate change.

July 2018

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