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Canadian Health Insurance Plans

Canadian nationals in France are covered by their provincial health insurance plans for 3 months. For Quebec travellers, this agreement is valid beyond the 3 months with no time limit provided the provincial health insurance plan (RAMQ) is informed. Other Canadian nationals can also request a dispensation (time extension) from their own provincial health insurance plans. But travellers should take out additional medical insurance anyway, as their expenses in France will not necessarily all be covered by their Canadian health insurance plans.

Do not forget to bring your medical records and those of family members with you (vaccination certificates, examination results, etc.).

Please note that in France doctors, drug stores, etc. will generally ask to be paid immediately. Your provincial health insurance plan in Canada should reimburse your medical and hospital expenses upon submission of receipts from the physician or the hospital.

If you are returning to Canada after a prolonged absence from the country, you will be eligible to receive health care insurance three months after your arrival.

Any other queries regarding medical coverage should be addressed to the relevant provincial office.

Consult the list of provincial authorities - Health Insurance Plans.


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