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Lost and Stolen Passports

Important Message Regarding Proof of Citizenship Requirements for Canadian Passport Applications

Canadians wishing to apply for a passport should be aware that passport applications should be submitted with proof of citizenship (such as a Canadian birth certificate or citizenship certificate). If an application is submitted without proof of citizenship, there is no guarantee that it will be processed. Please note that the passport application fee will not be refunded.

To find out how to obtain a Canadian citizenship certificate, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website.

For information on obtaining a Canadian provincial or territorial birth certificate, visit the Service Canada's website

If your passport has been lost or stolen, the Embassy may replace your document, subject to verification of your identity and your entitlement to Canadian citizenship.

Please call the Embassy or one of our Consulates in France as soon as possible. If you call after office hours, your call will be transfered without charge to a consular officer at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Ottawa.

In order to help us process your application for a replacement passport as quickly as possible, you should provide us, if possible, with the following documents:

  • adult or child abroad general passport application form
  • 2 photos
  • declaration concerning a lost/stolen passport, form PPTC203
  • photo ID (driving licence, health insurance card, etc.)
  • proof of citizenship: birth certificate (if born in Canada) or citizenship card
  • photocopy of your lost/stolen passport or a previous expired passport
  • proof of travel

If you have no proof of identity, you will have to come to the Embassy or to one of our Consulates in France. You should provide us details of your lost/stolen passport (number, place and date of issue, validity) , the circumstances surrounding its loss and your efforts to retrieve your passport.

We will do everything possible to replace your passport. However, we must comply with certain statutory requirements. In certain cases, it may be necessary for you to reschedule your travel plans. We suggest you communicate with your travel agent or airline without delay.

NB: Our Consulates in France are open mornings of working days. These offices are headed by Honorary Consuls. They can assist Canadians whose passport has been lost or stolen. If need be, they can issue emergency passports. However they can not issue regular (blue) passports. These can only be issued by the Embassy in Paris.

Please note that Honorary Consuls are not employees of the Government of Canada. As a consequence they have professional obligations and commitments. Occasionally they may be absent from their office. We suggest you call before going to the Consulate.

We recommend you keep a photocopy of your passport in a safe place. In case of loss or theft this may facilitate the issuance of a replacement document.

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