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Former Canadian Ambassadors to France

Canada's representation in France dates back to the late 19th century.

Hector Fabre (1834-1910), a journalist and writer, was Canada's first representative to France.  He was sent by the Governor General of Canada in June 1882 to "serve as the Agent of the Dominion", as Commissioner for Canada, with no diplomatic status at that time.

In 1891, he was replaced by Philippe Roy, a doctor, journalist and Senator, who served until 1928, when Canada opened a legation in Paris. Mr. Roy stayed on until 1939 with the title of Minister and with diplomatic privileges.

George Philias Vanier was Minister and Head of Legation from 1939 to 1940 and he was named Canada's first Ambassador to France in Septembre 1944.

George Philias Vanier  1944-1953
Jean Désy  1954-1957
Pierre Dupuy1958-1963
Jules Léger1964-1968
Paul Beaulieu 1968-1970
Léo Cadieux1970-1975
Gérard Pelletier 1975-1981
Michel Dupuy1981-1985
Lucien Bouchard1985-1988
Claude Charland1988-1992
Benoît Bouchard 1993-1996
Jacques Roy1996-2000
Raymond Chrétien2000-2003
Claude Laverdure2003-2007
Marc Lortie2007-2012
Lawrence Cannon2012- 2017
Isabelle Hudon2017 - 2021


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