Canada supports security and stability in Haiti

Canada provides significant support to the security and stability of Haiti through a number of Canadian departments and agencies working together closely. This includes the personnel of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) working at headquarters and at the Embassy of Canada in Port-au-Prince. They are supported by colleagues from the Canada Border Services Agency, the Canada Revenue Agency, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. Each department and agency plays a key role in delivering Canadian aid to Haiti.

Global Affairs Canada

Collectively, GAC’s aid programming and diplomatic and policy dialogue efforts support security and stability in Haiti. GAC is responsible for the provision of Canada’s humanitarian and development assistance to Haiti. Moreover, political dialogue with Haitian and international partners ensure that all actions taken to rebuild Haiti strive to be effective and well-coordinated. Among various initiatives, GAC is supporting through a project the development and professionalization of the Haitian National Police (HNP), and since 2010, the Peace and Stabilization Operations Program has funded several projects aimed notably at the strengthening of democratic institutions in charge of security and justice, reconstruction, as well as violence and conflict prevention.

Canada Border Services Agency and the Canada Revenue Agency

As part of GAC’s Tax Mobilization Support Project, the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canada Revenue Agency are providing Haiti with long-term technical assistance and training in the following areas: development of management structures; composition and structure of organizational framework; legal framework; human resources; operating procedures; and cooperation, partnerships and communications. The project supports the Haitian government's ability to generate revenue by strengthening the performance of its customs.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's International Peace Operations Program, Canadian civilian police officers from agencies across Canada have been serving in Haiti as advisors to the HNP in the areas of management, professional standards, training and mentoring. Since 1993, Canadian police from municipal, regional, provincial and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are also participating in various UN missions in Haiti – including the current one in support of justice in Haiti (MINUJUSTH).  Engagement in Haiti has been the RCMP's largest and longest-standing international contribution.

National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces

Operation HAMLET, namely the deployment of five staff officers serving in senior appointments, was the Canadian Armed Forces’ participation in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). This mission, which began in 2004 in response to a United Nations Security Council resolution, ended on October 15, 2017 and was replaced by MINUJUSTH, a new mission of smaller size and scope. Currently there are no Canadian military staff in Haiti given that MINUJUSTH has no military component.