Message from the Ambassador

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Canada in Haiti! It is with great fervor and enthusiasm that I consider my mandate as Canada's Ambassador to Haiti. Canada has long been a friend of Haiti and I am happy to be here to continue our collaboration. We support Haiti in its quest to build a safe, inclusive and democratic society, by placing the rights of women and girls and governance at the heart of our work. We support development, inclusive sustainable economic growth, as well as the stabilization of the country, through our development and peace and security programming, the deployment of Canadian police officers to the UN mission and the strengthening of the capacities of Haitian governmental institutions. We are investing in health, agriculture and education to improve the living conditions of Haitians. We work with Haitian civil society to ensure that all citizens have a voice and can actively participate in democratic processes. We celebrate the ongoing flourishing cultural ties between Canada and Haiti, showcasing the artistic and intellectual wealth that Haiti offers and highlighting the contributions of the Haitian community in Canada and in Haiti. 

Canada’s initiatives abroad are built on several key priorities that resonate around the world. Diversity and inclusion, a strong and open democracy and gender equality are pillars of a prosperous and burgeoning society. Canada firmly believes in these values ​​and is happy to share these priorities with Haiti, working together for the benefit of all. 

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Stuart Savage
Ambassador of Canada to Haiti


Stuart Savage (BA [Economics], University of Windsor, 1990; BA Hons [International Relations], University of Windsor, 1991) joined External Affairs and International Trade Canada in 1994. At Headquarters, he served as director general for Geographic Coordination and Mission Support, director for Consular Special Case Support and Children's Issues and director for Intergovernmental Relations. He was also responsible for such files as regional security and peacekeeping, multilateral affairs, the G8 and bilateral relations. Abroad, he was ambassador to Guatemala and served in Pakistan, Spain, Mexico and Cuba and at Canada’s permanent mission to the United Nations, in New York City.

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