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Notary Services

Please note:

  • For information regarding the fees and method of payment please see the Fees page.
  • These services are provided from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday by online appointment only. If you require an appointment, please contact (852) 2867-7348 or E-mail: A fee is charged for each service provided.”

Statutory declarations and Affidavits:

Per the Evidence Act of Canada and the various provincial Evidence Acts, our Consular Officers can execute affidavits and statutory declarations for use in Canada. However they cannot draft legal documents. The person affirming will need to present him or herself at the Consulate with proof of identity such as a passport or a citizenship certificate to sign the declaration in the presence of a Consular Officer.

Certified copies

Our Consular Officers can certify true copies of original Canadian documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates. The person requesting the service will need to present him or herself at the Consulate with the original document and a proof of identity such as a passport or a citizenship card.

Certificate of Non Impediment to Marriage

The laws of some countries require that, before a foreigner may marry within their jurisdiction, he or she produce a “Certificate of Non impediment to Marriage” issued by the authorities of his or her country. There is no specific legislation in Canada authorizing the issue of a Certificate.

Although the Consulate is not in a position to issue such Certificate, our office can provide for a fee, a letter that may satisfy the Hong Kong or Macao SARs authorities.

Hong Kong Certificate of No Criminal Conviction

If you are a Canadian Citizen and need to obtain a “Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (Overseas applicants)” from the Hong Kong Police Force, please visit their website. If required, the Consulate can issue, for a fee, a facilitation letter to assist you.

Authentication of Documents

For information on authentication of Canadian documents for use in Hong Kong or Macao, please contact the Authentication Services Section of Global Affairs Canada.


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