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UK and Canada host Global Conference on Media Freedom

The UK and Canadian governments will co-host a Global Conference for Media Freedom in London on 10 - 11 July 2019.

The aim is to shine a spotlight on media freedom, and in so doing to raise the cost to those abusing it. We will bring together partners from around the globe to raise individual cases in a better co-ordinated, sustained and more rigorous manner.

Speaking in advance of the event, the British Consul General in Hong Kong said:

We are seeing a new and dangerous trend of journalists being targeted simply for doing their jobs. The London Conference will support and protect journalists operating globally – whether in Hong Kong, the UK or anywhere else around the world. A free media is vital for economic prosperity, including here in Hong Kong where it is protected under the Basic Law.
- Andrew Heyn

The Canadian Consul General in Hong Kong said:

A free media is essential to democracy and a vibrant political system, without which societies risk falling into ignorance or conflict. Hong Kong’s long tradition of media freedom has been critical to its success as a global centre for business, culture and academia. Canada is pleased to work with the United Kingdom on this important event to help defend media freedom and improve the safety of journalists worldwide.
- Jeff Nankivell


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