Canadian Embassy, Tel Aviv - Consular fees

Tel: 03-636 3300
Fax: 03-636 3383

The consular section is open to the public between: 08:00-11:00, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Schedule of the Processing Fee for consular services

PAY ONLINE  before you apply for the following passport services :

  • Regular adult passports (5- and 10-year validity)
  • Child passports (5-year validity)
  • The administrative fee for replacing a valid lost or stolen passport ($45)
10-year passport260700
5-year passport190510
Passport - Child (under 16 years of age)100270
Emergency travel document75200
Emergency travel document-Child (under 16 years of age)3080
Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor50135
Declaration  - lost or stolen45120
Passport - Retention45120
Passport - Certified true copies 45120
File transfer ( to a different passport Office in Canada)45120


Citizenship Fees
Proof Application 75200
Grant application (adult and minor) 100270
Renunciation / Resumption / Retention100270


Consular Fees
Authenticating Signature and Seal50135
Certifying a copy of a document 2055
Letter of Facilitation 50135
Photocopies (per page)38
Transfer of funds75200

Methods of payment:

  • In NIS: Bank draft or postal money order payable to the Canadian Embassy;
  • In CA$: Bank draft payable to "The Receiver General for Canada" negotiable at a bank in Canada;
  • Credit Card: international Visa or MasterCard.


  • Applicants who cancel their application are not eligible for a refund;
  • Fees are subject to change; Payments in cash are not accepted;
  • Personal cheques are not accepted;
  • The fees are non-refundable.

Please note: