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Canada - Malta Relations


Canada enjoys excellent relations with Malta based on a shared commitment to democratic values. Our countries share similar views and positions in the UN, and the Commonwealth. Canada’s relations with Malta are managed by the mission in Rome, supported by an Honorary Consul in Valletta.  Malta’s High Commission to Canada is in Washington, but consideration is being given to opening a High Commission in Ottawa. Malta has a Consulate General in Toronto and Honorary Consuls in Montreal, Ottawa, St. John’s, and Vancouver.

People-to-people ties

People-to-people ties between Canada and Malta are strong, with a significant Maltese-Canadian population (close to 42,000 according to the 2016 census), concentrated mainly in west-end Toronto, and which forms one of the largest Maltese diasporas in the world.

Bilateral agreements

Canada and Malta have negotiated a number of bilateral agreements covering investment (1982), taxation (1987), social security (1992), film co-production (1995) and audio-visual relations (1997).

Defense Cooperation

Malta played a key role in facilitating the evacuation of Canadians during the Libya evacuation operation in March 2011.

Trade and investment

Although trade links with Canada are still relatively modest, Malta has expressed clear support for enhanced trade relations between Canada and the EU and CETA ratification and implementation.

July 2018

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