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Useful information and advice from the Italian Government

We recommend you examine the following web sites before you travel to Italy, be it for a holiday, studies, business or settlement. Make sure you are properly informed on all administrative requirements for entry into Italy before you leave Canada. Preparation is the key to a successful trip.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy
Under the title Ministry of Foreign Affairs, click on "Welcome to Italy", where you will find extensive practical information to better plan your stay in Italy. Visa requirements, tourist information and useful addresses are some of the questions that are addressed.

Italian Embassy in Canada
If you are leaving for Italy and need a visa, it is imperative that you get the proper information from the Italian Embassy or Italian General Consulate that services your community. To know which consulate is responsible for your area, look under the heading “Consular Section”.

Il Portale Nazionale del Cittadino - (Italian only)
This site contains a section for foreigners in Italy ("Stranieri in Italia") which provides information about the different steps required for study, work or settlement in Italy. You will also find information on how to obtain a working visa, how to become an Italian citizen, social benefits and other interesting information for foreigners living in Italy. The section also contains the useful guide "In Italia, in regola" | PDF * (1.9 MB). The above site contains a section for students with information on working and studying, Italian universities, internships, etc., as well as links to libraries and student associations.

Stranieri in Italia ("Foreigners in Italy")
This site contains a wealth of information for foreigners living in Italy, including housing, health, citizenship, education, etc. The site is in Italian, but some of the information is available in other languages, including English and French.

E.N.I.T. - The Italian Government Tourist Board
This site is in several languages and provides useful information such as links to the regions, provinces and towns in Italy, as well as search engines for museums and accommodations throughout Italy.

E.N.I.T. also offers a site geared to visitors from Canada and the U.S. at Italian Tourism.
This site provides excellent information in English on a wide variety of topics including telephone and postal services, using ATMs and debit cards in Italy, transportation services, accommodations, etc., as well as information of interest such as food and wine, World Heritage sites in Italy, calendar of traditional events, etc., and links to museums, opera houses, concerts, music festivals and sports events…and much more. The site also provides itineraries to some of the undiscovered treasures of Italy.


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