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Planning your Return to Canada

For information on your entitlements, what items you are permitted to bring back with you to Canada and what restrictions are in effect, we recommend you consult the following links:

I Declare
This brochure provides information and advice to make your return to Canada enjoyable and hassle free. You will find information on personal exemptions, restrictions, paying duties as well as practical information regarding your departure and return to Canada.

Be Aware and Declare!
The Government of Canada protects the health of Canadian animals, plants and natural habitats by restricting the importation of food, animals, plants and related products from foreign countries.  The restrictions apply to all travellers.  This website provides the most up-to-date information about what can and cannot be brought into Canada.

Wondering what the law allows?
Here you will find further information on what you are permitted to bring into Canada.  Use the “Allowed into Canada” table as a quick guide, and visit the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) to assist you in determining if the food products you wish to bring into Canada are permitted.

Moving Back To Canada
If you are moving back to Canada after living abroad, this brochure is made for you. It contains information on requirements and exceptions concerning ownership, possession and use. You will also find practical information on allowed goods, importation of vehicles, restrictions etc.

Importation Of Vehicles Into Canada
Do you plan to import a vehicle into Canada? Consult Transport Canada’s site to find out the requirements regarding the importation of vehicles.

Pet Imports
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency provides basic guidelines for frequently imported pets.

Inspection Fees for Importing Pets
If you intend on bringing pets into Canada, you will find information on fees that apply to inspection services provided by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Value Added Tax (VAT)
If you are a non-resident visitor to Italy, you can have your VAT payments reimbursed under certain conditions. Click on the above link for more information.


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