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Information on the Canadian Armed Forces

General information on the Canadian Armed Forces can be obtained through the Department of National Defence's Web site

or by writing to: DND

Director General Public Affairs
National Defence Headquarters
MGen George R. Pearkes Building
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K2
Tel: (001 613) 992-5404
Fax: (001 613) 996-7839

Joining the Canadian Armed Forces

To enrol in the Canadian Armed Forces an individual must meet the followings prerequisites:

  • be a Canadian citizen (see Note 1);
  • meet the Canadian Armed Forces medical standard for the desired occupation; and
  • meet education level required for the selected military program.

NOTE 1 - Before making an application to obtain a Canadian citizenship, a person must live in Canada on a permanent basis for three consecutive years. The intention of applying for enrolment into the Canadian Armed Forces does not remove or lessen the required period of permanent residency.

For further information you can write to:
Director of Recruiting and Selection
National Defence Headquarters
MGen George R. Pearkes building
Ottawa, ONTARIO K1A 0K2
Tel: (613) 992-3906
Fax: (613) 995-0786


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