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Defence Relations

The Defence Programme in Italy has two principal objectives:

  • Establish and maintain effective contacts with the Italian Armed Forces and the Italian Ministry of Defence.
  • Act as the point of contact for defence and security matters of interest to Canada.

The Canadian Defence Attaché (CDA) is responsible to conduct the Defence Program. He has similar responsibilities towards Greece, Albania and Malta to which he is cross-accredited.

An additional activity related to Albania is the administration of the Military Training Assistance Program (MTAP) which provides selected training to individual members of the Albanian Armed Forces, sponsored by the Canadian Department of National Defence. MTAP training is conducted at military locations throughout Canada.

The Defence Program is conducted from the Canadian Embassy in Rome.

Contact Information

The Defence division consists of two people:

  • a Defence Attaché of the rank of Colonel and
  • a senior Non Commissioned Officer as administrative assistant.

Telephone: (39 06) 85444 3551
Fax: (39 06) 85444 3918

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