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Academic Relations: University and Research Links and Exchanges

Canada is committed to participation in international study and research partnerships that build understanding among peoples, develop global citizens and leaders, and contribute to the development of nations.

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) is responsible for the Government of Canada's participation in major International Scholarship Programs. GAC provides support to international scholars in Canada, which is often reciprocated by foreign governments which support Canadian scholars in their countries.

The Academic Relations team of the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo also provides support for activities that further the knowledge and understanding of Canada in Japan.

Japan is a key partner with Canada in the academic world, and we share diverse links and strengths in science and innovation. There are currently more than 240 active international exchange agreements in place between Canadian and Japanese universities, spanning all faculties and regions. Through this academic relationship, each country benefits through access to the centres of innovation and creativity found at our institutions, more collaboration between top-level researchers, and an engaged international student body committed to furthering their education in each other's country.

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