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List of Canada-Japan Friendship Associations and Academic Associations

Hokkaido Region

  • Hokkaido Canada Society
  • Kitami Canada Exchange Association
  • Asahikawa Canada Association
  • Nayoro-Lindsay Friendship Committee
  • Hakodate-Halifax Association  

Tohoku Region

Hokuriku Region

  • Hokuriku-Canada Association
  • Dundas Tomo No Kai

Kanto Region

Tokai Region

Kinki Region

  • The Canada-Japan Society of the Kansai
  • Kansai Canada Business Association (KCBA)
  • Japan Canada Kai (JCK) (J)
  • The Kansai Canadian Association (KCA)

Chugoku and Shikoku Region

Kyushu and Okinawa Regions

  • Canada Japan Friendship Association
  • Fukuoka Canada Society
  • Association of Canada
  • Canada Association in Okinawa

 Academic Associations



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