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Table of Contents

Employment in Canada (General)

Canadians planning to return to Canada to seek employment and wishing information on current employment opportunities may wish to visit the Service Canada job bank site.

Employment in Canada (Federal Government of Canada)

Canadians seeking employment with the federal government of Canada may wish to visit one or more of the following sites:

Employment in Japan (General)

Canadian government offices in Japan do not assist Canadians in locating employment in the general labour force in Japan. There are a number of general English language publications in Japan which offer classified advertisements for job openings. Amongst the common sources of employment opportunities for the international community in Japan is the Monday edition of the English language Japan Times newspaper. This daily newspaper can be found on sale in most subway or train stations, in many convenience stores and at other locations. Subscription information is available at The Japan Times

A non-Japanese requires an appropriate Japanese visa before they can take up employment in Japan (i.e. Canadians in Japan on tourist status are not permitted to be employed in the local labour force). Working without first obtaining the proper visa status is illegal and subjects the person to punishment which may include imprisonment, monetary fines, and/or deportation.

Canadians wishing to work in Japan should contact their local Japanese Immigration Office (if in Japan) or the closest Embassy or Consulate of Japan (if in Canada) for information on visa application procedures.

If you enter into a labour contract to work in Japan, all parties are obliged by law to adhere to the conditions of the contract. If you feel that your employer has failed to adhere to the terms of your contract or if you feel yourself otherwise aggrieved by your employer and if you are unable to reach an amicable agreement you can report the incident to your local Labour Standards Office.

Alternatively you can seek legal assistance. The Canadian Embassy or Consulate in Japan can provide you with a list of lawyers who are conversant in English or French. Please bear in mind that the use of English or French will be more common in the larger cities. In Tokyo a number of legal consulting groups do offer counsel and advice to the foreign community on labour issues. While most groups attempt to provide services in English, it is often best to at least make the initial call to make an appointment in Japanese. If possible it is always best to have someone who speaks Japanese accompany you, if you cannot communicate in the language:

Labour Consulting Corner:

This is an English language service offered by the Labour & Economic Affairs Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and specializes in contractual problems. Their phone number is 0570-00-6110 (Japanese only). Consultation hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

English language services are also available at the following offices:

  • Shinjuku
    Tel: 03-3265-6110
    Monday to Friday 14:00–16:00
  • Shinagawa
    Tel: 03-3495-6110
    Wednesdays 14:00–16:00
  • Tachikawa
    Tel: 042-321-6110
    Thursdays 14:00–16:00

Labour Counselling, Labour Union Section, Labour Relations Department, Tokyo Labour Economic Bureau:

This English language counselling service is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 14:00 until 16:00. Their phone number is 03-5543-6110.

Counselling for Foreign Workers, Supervision Section, Tokyo Labour Standards Bureau:

This English language counselling service is available Monday to Friday from 10:00 until 15:00. Their phone number is 03-3814-5311, ext 366.

The Lawyers for Foreign Rights (LAFLR):

This is a telephone hot line service which aims to protect the rights of foreign workers in Japan. It is available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00 until 17:00. The phone number is 03-3305-0555.

Employment in Japan (Canadian Federal Government Offices)

Employees working at Canadian Federal Government offices in Japan will either have been hired in Canada or have been hired locally. Employees hired in Canada will normally be career employees of the federal public service and may be assigned to various locations throughout their career, of which Japan is their current assignment. Canadians interested in employment in the Foreign Service may wish to visit the foreign service officer recruitment site referred to above. Employees hired locally will normally be career employees of the Embassy or Consulate at which they are currently employed and will normally serve out their career at that site. Positions at these offices are filled as vacancies arise. Competitions to fill vacancies will most commonly be advertised in local newspapers or publications. It should be noted that fluency in Japanese is a precondition for most locally staffed positions.


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