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Consular Service Fee Schedule

  • Effective date: April 19, 2022 (Exchange rate: 1.00 $CAN = 93 JPY).
  • Fees in JPY are subject to change without notice due to currency fluctuation.

Passport Services (paid online)

  • Passport services must be paid online in Canadian dollars only when possible.
  • If payment must be made in Japanese yen, only Japanese postal money order is acceptable. Please contact the Consular section to confirm the exact amount in Japanese yen.
Passport type$CAN
10-year adult passport (16 years of age or over) 260
5-year adult passport (16 years of age or over)190
Child passport (Under 16 years of age)100
Adult or child temporary passport (in addition to regular passport application above)110
Adult emergency travel document (For return to Canada)75
Child emergency travel document (For return to Canada)30
Statutory Declaration in lieu of guarantor (form PPTC132)50
Replacing a valid lost or stolen passport45
Retention of a valid passport (during the processing of the application for a replacement passport)45
Temporary passport exchange in person in Canada20

Pay online

You can pay online for all your passport services and your citizenship services before submitting your application.

Services paid at the Embassy

Passport-related fees

There are additional fees associated with replacing a passport and other administrative services. These fees are in addition to the passport fee listed above.

Certified true copy of part of a passport or other travel document (one to three copies. Additional 45 $CAN will apply for each increment of 3 copies)454,200

Citizenship Services

You can pay online for Citizenship Certificate by choosing “Japan’, ‘Citizenship’, then ‘Citizenship certificate (proof of citizenship)’ for child born outside of Canada. Please include a copy of your receipt with your application.

Proof of Canadian citizenship (New or replacement certificate)757,000
Search of citizenship records757,000
Renunciation of Canadian citizenship1009,300

Notarial Services

Marriage affidavit504,700
Authentication of a seal or signature on a document504,700

Services provided if local notarial services are unavailable

Administering oaths, declarations and affirmations (per document)504,700
Witnessing a signature (per document)504,700
Certifying a copy of original document (per copy)201,900

Methods of payment at the Embassy in Tokyo and the Consulate in Nagoya:

Payments must be made by one of the following methods (exact amount only):

  1. Credit Card* (Visa or MasterCard only; in Canadian dollars only)
    • For Credit card payment (both mail-in and in person), it must be accompanied by a completed Credit Card Authorization form. This form authorizes the Government of Canada to charge your credit card for payment of services.
  2. Japanese Postal Money Order payable to the “Embassy of Canada”.
    ("futsu kawase shousho" or 普通 為替証書)
    • Postal money order with wrong payable name and/or wrong amount will be returned and can cause delays to your application.

Note 1: Cash payment in Canadian dollars or in Japanese yen is not accepted.
Note 2: Passport and citizenship applications and fees must be submitted to the Embassy in Tokyo.

At the Consulates of Canada, headed by an Honorary Consul in Sapporo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka:

Payments must be made by one of the following methods (exact amount only):

  • Cash in Canadian dollars
  • Cash in Japanese yen

Note 1: Credit card payment is not accepted.
Note 2: Consulates headed by Honorary Consuls provide Notarial Services only.
Note 3: Passport and citizenship applications and fees must be submitted to the Embassy in Tokyo.


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