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In Canada

Each province or territory establishes their own regulations governing marriage within their jurisdiction. Anyone wishing to marry in Canada should contact the authorities in the provincial or territorial jurisdiction in which the marriage will be solemnized.

For marriages which were performed in Canada, you can obtain a marriage certificate from the Vital Statistics office in the province or territory where the marriage took place.

In Japan

The solemnization of a marriage in Japan occurs through its registration which is carried out at ward or city offices throughout Japan. Canadians planning to marry in Japan should contact the ward or city office in their area of residence (or area of residence of their fiance) for detailed information.

As part of the marriage registration process, the ward or city office will require you to submit proof that you are legally free to marry. This evidence is accepted in the form of an affidavit that you must swear in person in front of the appropriate authority at the Canadian Embassy or Consulates.

Please contact the Embassy or the Consulate to set up an appointment. Please be sure to bring your valid Canadian passport to your appointment. The Embassy/Consulate will provide you with a Japanese translation template for the marriage affidavit. The fee information for this service can be found on the Consular Fees page.

Once your marriage is registered, you should ensure that you keep an original of the Certificate of Marriage Registration ("kon-in todoke no juri shomeisho" or 婚姻届の受理証明書) that you are issued as this becomes your proof of marriage. While you can contact your normal province of territory of residence in Canada to see if they will register your marriage and issue you a certificate, you should be aware that most vital statistics offices will only register marriages that are solemnized within their jurisdiction.

Sponsoring your spouse for Immigration to Canada after Marriage

Canadians who marry non-Canadians must note that the act of marriage does not confer Canadian citizenship upon the spouse. If the couple wish to return to Canada to reside, an application for a permanent resident visa must be made on behalf of the non-Canadian spouse. Information on the application process is available from the Visa Section of the Embassy of Canada to the Philippines. Please note that it can take several months for a permanent resident visa application to be processed. You should plan accordingly.

Recognition by Canada of Marriages in Japan

Marriages that are legally performed in a foreign country are usually valid in Canada, and you do not need to register them in Canada. If you have questions about the validity of your foreign marriage, contact the Vital Statistics Office of your province or territory. Japanese immigration authorities may require evidence of this fact. The information in Marriage Overseas can attest to this fact.



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