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Travelling between Narita Airport and Tokyo


Arriving passengers have two major options for travel into Tokyo from Narita Airport – the bus or the train.

The Limousine Bus allows you to take your luggage conveniently with you (in the bottom of the bus) but the down-side is that it is frequently caught in traffic jams. A good run can be done in a little over an hour; bad runs frequently last two or even three hours.

The train is highly predictable and fast. The down-side is that there are no special arrangements (porters or carts or adequate space in the train car itself) for larger luggage. It is possible to send your bags directly from the airport by courier (takkyubin) to any address in Japan. An address in Tokyo costs about 1,800 yen per bag.

By Limousine Bus

  1. Purchase a ticket at the Limousine Bus ticket counter on 1st floor Arrival Lobby. Ticket prices start at 3,000 yen, and depend on your destination.

  2. Get on the bus at the stop inidcated by the Limousine Bus agent. Buses run every 15-20 min. and stop at hotels and stations throughout Tokyo. It takes on average 2 hours from Narita airport to Tokyo.

By JR Narita Express

  1. Purchase a ticket at the JR Narita Express ticket vending machines or at JR Ticket Reservation Office on B1 level, which is accessible from either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.

    Ticket costs range from 2,940 to 5,670 yen, depending on class and destination. Trains run every 30 to 60 minutes. It takes about 1 hour to get to Tokyo station, 65 minutes to Shinagawa, 80 minutes to Shibuya, 85 minutes to Shinjuku and 90 minutes to Ikebukuro or Yokohama.

  2. From Tokyo and Shinagawa stations, there are several ways to continue on to your destination as the stations are hubs for Shinkansen (high-speed train) lines, many local and regional JR lines, as well as the Tokyo Metro and Toei Transportation networks.

By Keisei Line

  1. Purchase a ticket to Ueno or Nippori station at the Keisei Line ticket counter on B1 level which is accessible from either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. The ticket costs 2,400 yen for super express (Skyliner) or 1,100 yen for limited express (kaisoku tokkyu).

    Depending on which terminal you depart from, it takes around 36 minutes by Skyliner or 65 minutes by limited express to Nippori Station, and about 40 minutes by Skyliner or 70 minutes by limited express (kaisoku tokkyu) to Keisei Ueno Station.

  2. At Nippori Station, you can transfer to the JR Yamanote line. At Ueno Station, you can connect to some Shinkansen (high-speed rail) lines, local and regional JR trains, as well as the Tokyo Metro and Toei Transportation networks.


Generally speaking, the reverse operation will get you back to Narita.

If you are travelling by one of the trains, you usually have to reserve a seat. Often this is no problem. Just show up and buy a ticket on the next train (schedules are available in all hotels). But sometimes the trains are full and you may have to wait for 30 or 40 minutes longer than you expected.

If you are leaving from a hotel serviced by the Limousine Bus, consult the hotel bell captain for the required advance departure time and make a reservation.




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