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Certified Criminal Record Checks from Canada

All requests for obtaining a certified criminal record check from Canada must go through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada (RCMP). The Embassy/Consulates of Canada have no control over the process, and cannot answer questions or expedite the process.

In order to obtain an RCMP fingerprint form as well as a letter addressed to the RCMP for fingerprints sent from Japan, please contact us.

To have your fingerprints taken you must:

  1. Bring the following items to the Japanese police headquarters in your prefecture of residence (please call the police in advance to check their office hours):
    a) an RCMP fingerprint form
    b) passport
    c) Alien Registration card
    d) a document from the entity requiring the criminal record check explaining why it is needed

  2. Please follow the procedures from the RCMP Civil Fingerprinting Screening Services.




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