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Online Exhibition - 9: Bandes dessinées + Manga

This project began with real-life experiences and cross-cultural discoveries by Canadian artists from Quebec who came to Japan, and Japanese artists who traveled to Canada.

The nine artists have expressed their ideas in the form of bande dessinée and manga so that the discoveries, as well as the friendships, that grew out of their travels, could be preserved.  To overcome the significant language barrier on both sides, the artists simply drew without using words.

Sanpo Yokoi, Manga Artist (in Japanese): “Hi everybody.  I’m manga artist Sanpo Yokoi. Recently I’ve been drawing manga together with Canadian manga artists and talking a lot with them about games. This contact has opened my eyes to the fact that many people outside Japan love manga too. I encourage you all to check out Canadian manga."

Nunumi, Comic Creator (in French): “What I have learned from the artists in Japan through this project is that while here we tend to envy comics in Japan because of their vigour, history and international presence, basically artists (here or there) are the same on the inside, and live the same thing.”

This work was first exhibited in May 2019 at the Montreal Comic Art Festival in a project called Itai Doshin, which means “different body, same heart” in Japanese.

We hope that this project, and the art that it produced, will continue to inspire new discoveries between Canada and Japan.


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