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My imagination is so many things – Visit Online

December 6, 2021 to February 23, 2022

Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery

November 30, 2021

Exhibition announcement

Donald Greenough “Portrait of Artist with Sheriff Rug”

The Embassy of Canada is pleased to present the first public exhibition since March 2020: “My imagination is so many things” curated by the National accessArts Centre, Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization, providing artistic training, creation and exhibition opportunities for people with developmental, physical and acquired disabilities.

“My imagination is so many things” brings together works by five Canadian artists with developmental disabilities and traces how the legacy of Jane Cameron (1949-2000) continues to shape and challenge the way we comprehend artwork created by artists with disabilities. This exhibition investigates the power of welcoming unbounded imagination through reflections on the world around us.

Curator: Karly Mortimer

Jane Cameron

Born in Alberta in 1949, Jane was diagnosed with Down syndrome at four months old. Jane's parents were encouraged to place her in an institution, advice that was common at the time. Unwilling to accept that Jane deserved anything less in life than any other child, her family enrolled her in an internationally renowned school in the United States. The drawings and fibre artworks that Jane produced demonstrate her immense talent for creating imaginative designs that are bold, colorful and sensitive. In memory of Jane, and in recognition of her contribution to the arts, a national award was created in 2001.

Cameron’s works stand as inspiration and guardians over the practices in a studio where hundreds of artists gather weekly to create. Truly, Jane’s story is a vibrant contribution to the world of art history and a welcomed addition to a contemporary understanding of disability art. Inspired by Jane’s life and accomplishments, “My Imagination is So Many Things” underscores that artists with disabilities can, and do, contribute to building a vibrant, cultural community with a richer social fabric.

Featured artists

David A. Oppong

David A. Oppong is an artist currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. He was born in Accra, Ghana, and moved to Canada in December 2017. Oppong loves to capture emotional scenarios through photography and drawing. He often uses his art as a way to process, reflect on, and learn about situations represented through television and movies.

Adeel Sadiq

I put everything in my art. I make this in love; every detail I put in a canvas, every sketch and when I plan the colours. I want to grow and learn in my art. I want to make lots. I bring books and ideas to National accessArts Centre. I take my time and effort to make it beautiful. Making my art big; I’m making my name. I make from the heart and I make everything with love. “The words are something you feel.”

Ray Wang

Ray Wang is a special needs artist who lives in Calgary, Canada. He has been an artist at the National accessArts Centre since 2018. Ray showed great interest with colors when he was very young. He is interested in creating images of daily life scenes and the natural world. Art is very important in Ray’s life because art makes him happy and helps him relax. He does art works with joy and passion.

Donald Greenough

Donald Greenough is a mixed media visual artist with a big imagination, who loves humour and often incorporates a sense of playfulness into his art. Don enjoys working with all kinds of art media, including clay, fibre art, drawing and painting.


Currently closed to the public. Please see the introductory video.

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