Canada - Tajikistan Relations


In 2017, Canada and Tajikistan marked 25 years of diplomatic relations. Ties between the countries are maintained through occasional high-level meetings, Canadian contributions to emergency relief, local projects and international security initiatives, and, more recently, commercial partnerships.

Tajikistan established an embassy in Washington, D.C, in 2003, which also covers Canada—although without formal accreditation. The Canadian embassy in Astana, Kazakhstan, manages Canada’s relations with Tajikistan through regular contact and travel by the ambassador and embassy staff. Discussions at the political level have focused on landmines, development issues and electoral reform.

Canadian commercial relations with Tajikistan are limited; however, over the last few years, some Canadian companies have been active in Tajikistan—mostly in the mining (gold and silver) and infrastructure sectors.  In 2017, Canada’s merchandise exports (mainly food products) to Tajikistan were valued at $2.9 million in 2017 and imports to Canada from Tajikistan were valued at $265,838.

January 2019