Canada Fund for Local Initiatives - Accomplishements

Canada supports civil society in the East African Region 

Nairobi, 20th June 2016, The Canadian High Commission, through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), has disbursed CAD$ 809,907.80 to support to local non-governmental organizations and Canadian organizations operating in the East African region for projects addressing issues such as religious freedom, child and early forced marriage (CEFM), democratic participation and the overall promotion of human rights.

This year, CFLI supported 40 organizations in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.

The following are the 2015-16 recipients of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives:


  1. The Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics Trust (CICC): working with local communities in Lamu County, CICC organised a safe space for community dialogue over traditional and religious teachings and practice. CAD$19,604.30
  2. Chemchemi Ya Ukweli: conducted two  dialogue forums, focusing on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) awareness training, and promoting resilience, inter-religious dialogue, religious tolerance and conflict resolution in Isiolo county. CAD$19,280.00
  3. Human Rights Agenda (HURIA): focussed on empowering youth to promote peace and prevent violent extremism, including an initiative to provide a non-violent alternative to problem-solving through sports. CAD$19,292.00
  4. Karima Women Empowerment Programme (KWEP): promoted awareness around the issue of CEFM and sexual violence, and established mentoring clubs in select schools in Bungoma County where these issues could be further discussed. CAD$19,773.00
  5. The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA): raised awareness about the harmful effects of female genital mutilation (FGM) and CEFM. CAD$20,001.00
  6. The Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association (KYPA): conducted public campaigns against CEFM and organised public forums to discuss the issue. CAD$24,508.31
  7. The Samburu Girls Foundation: conducted social media awareness on the issue of CEFM, as well as provided training and shelter to girls and women. CAD$49,448.00
  8. The Equality Effect: hosted various workshops and implemented a '160 Girls' public legal education campaign focussed on protecting girls from rape and promoting human rights law. CAD$28,404.00
  9. The Theatre Company of Kenya: Used theatre activities to educate the local community on the issue of (CEFM). CAD$14,946.00
  10. The Agency for Pastoralist Development (APaD): conducted a field survey and staged a theatre play to raise awareness on human rights issues and fundamental freedoms for women and girls in Turkana County. CAD$20,842.00
  11. The Umoja Development Organization (UDO): conducted public awareness meetings and radio talk-shows in West Pokot County to address the issue of CEFM and FGM practices. CAD$16,838.00
  12. Boxgirls Kenya:  conducted activities focussed on raising girl’s self-esteem, leadership and self-defence skills through the sport of boxing. CAD$18,700.00
  13. The MUHURI project: promoted religious freedom, discussions around Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), and increased awareness through sport tournaments. CAD$19,770.00
  14. HAKI Africa: increased awareness around religious freedom, rule of law and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) in Mombasa County. CAD$18,536.76
  15. The Lusaka Agreement Task Force (LATF): enhanced capacity and fostered cross-border collaboration among law enforcement personnel to combat wildlife crime. CAD$19,635.00
  16. Peace Geeks: developed a secure online database for cataloguing human rights violations, cases and trends. CAD$19,995.00
  17. The Kenya Parliamentary Human Rights Association: addressed women’s participation in political dialogue through legislation, representation and oversight. CAD$14,550.00
  18. The Kenyan Section of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ Kenya): delivered a report on women’s participation in Parliament and conducted meetings on policy, legislative and institutional reform initiatives. CAD$20,011.00
  19. Amnesty International Kenya project: conducted sensitization forums, organized Human Rights education festivals and provided medical, safety and psychological services to female victims. CAD$20,003.00 


  1. Association of Somali Women Lawyers (ASWL): provided advocacy and awareness on the rights of women and girls by providing basic literacy, skills development and entrepreneurial skills. CAD$18,088.00
  2. Bar Kulan Trust: produced original programs reporting from all regions of Somalia on sexual and gender based violence. Radio programs were broadcast in Mogadishu and Federal State capitals by Radio Bar Kulan.  CAD$28,692.00
  3. Puntland Non-State Actor Association (PUNSAA): held consultation meetings, organised radio awareness campaigns and TV debates to increase Somali women's political participation. CAD$9,146.52


  1. War Child Canada: conducted radio talk shows to address the rights of women and girls in South Sudanese refugee settlements. CAD$19,987.00
  2. Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA): trained and sensitized women groups, community leaders, peer educators and stakeholders to prevent CEFM. CAD$19,923.00
  3. Africa Children’s Television and Film Foundation’s (ACTFF): created a TV and online campaign addressing the issue of CEFM in East Africa. CAD$40,009.00
  4. Chapter Four Uganda: developed, monitored and maintained a database of possible cases of human rights violations, and conducted follow-up with victims. CAD$20,000.00
  5. African Great Lakes Human Rights Defenders Protection Fund: provided technical services to Human Rights Defenders (HRD) in support of legal advocacy efforts. CAD$16,600.00
  6. Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG): engaged in dialogue with politicians on LGBT rights and conducted awareness and sensitization campaigns and training. CAD$15,000.00


  1. Action Technique pour un Developpement Communautaire (ATEDEC): held three-day training sessions and organised awareness campaigns to prevent early marriage, HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence (GBV). CAD$18,394.00
  2. Conseil National des Eglises du Burundi, CNEB: trained 72 religious leaders and 72 young women on the fight against CEFM. CAD$22,991.00
  3. The RPA Radio Publique Africaine: provided education and training on human rights to Burundian refugees. CAD$17,850.00
  4. Radio INZAMBA – Union of Burundi Journalists (UBJ): published journals on current news and organized radio debates about the political and security situation in Burundi. CAD$15,040.00
  5. Anglican Church of Burundi’s (ACB): held a three day training for church leaders on supporting democratic transition and expanded democratic participation. CAD$16,000.00


  1. The Association pour la Defense des Droits, de Developpement Durable et du Bien-etre Familial (ADBEF): conducted workshops to raise awareness for young domestic workers  on CFEM. CAD$19,900.00
  2. Artisans Missionaires de la Paix du Christ Roi (APAX): organised meetings and produced a small manual on peacebuilding for religious freedom. CAD$19,989.00
  3. Communaute des Potiers du Rwanda (COPORWA): trained 500 parents on the law with regards to  CEFM, and printed 200 leaflets for distribution to the community and the police CAD$15,500.00
  4. The Association ZAMUKA: the project conducted 12 workshop sessions for the prevention of CEFM. CAD$20,000.00
  5. Action Technique pour un Developpement Communautaire (ATEDEC): organised a three day training sessions and awareness campaign in prevention of CEFM, HIV/AIDS and GBV. CAD$18,394.00
  6. IRIBA Center for Multimedia Heritage: conducted a series of debates, workshops, and forums, and produced a video on the issue of the right to vote. CAD$17,975.00

African Initiative for Mankind Progress Organisation (AIMPO): conducted a series of workshops and training sessions aimed at creating political empowerment and enhanced community engagement. CAD$16,359.00