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Citizenship Services

The processing of citizenship applications is the responsibility of Immigration and Citizenship Canada.

A complete review of citizenship application details is available on the website at Immigration and Citizenship.

Information on additional requirements particular to Korea is specified below.

If you wish to renounce your Canadian citizenship to recover your Korean citizenship, the following additional documents will be required:

  • The Korean Ministry of Justice Notice for recovery of Korean citizenship including the attachment Guide. (must be accompanied with its certified translations into English or French.)
  • Canadian Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate
  • Basic Certificate (Gi-bon-jeung-myeong-seo, 기본증명서) (must be accompanied with its certified translations into English or French and should be the most up-to-date one, showing the fact that you re-gained your Korean citizenship.)
  • Proof of residence in Korea

Important information

Translations by family members are not acceptable. For more information on document translation, please refer to the website Immigration and Citizenship.

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