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Canada-Kuwait Relations

Canada is represented in Kuwait by an embassy in Kuwait City. Kuwait is represented in Canada by an embassy in Ottawa.

Canada and Kuwait have enjoyed strong bilateral ties since diplomatic relations were established in 1965. The strong foundation of the Canada-Kuwait relationship can be easily understood in the two countries’ common views and interests in several areas, including peace and security, humanitarian affairs, trade and investment, and people-to-people ties.

The friendship between Canada and Kuwait was never better demonstrated than in 1991, when Canadian Armed Forces personnel served with those of the Armed Forces of Kuwait and coalition allies in the Gulf War and its aftermath. Canadian firefighters and well control specialists played a major role and worked tirelessly with Kuwaitis in extinguishing massive oil well fires and blowouts.

Since 2011, Kuwait has hosted Canada’s Operational Support Detachment to support Canadian Armed Forces operations. The detachment transitioned to a general-purpose Operational Support Hub in May 2014 with the signing of a revised memorandum of understanding. In October 2014, Kuwait informed Canada that it would welcome Canada’s use of facilities as a base for Canadian Armed Forces assets involved in the Global Coalition Against Daesh.

Today, more than 6,000 Canadians live in Kuwait and are employed in key areas such as the oil industry, academic institutions, government, health, financial services and engineering. 

In 2018, Canadian merchandise exports to Kuwait reached a value of $200.9 million, while imports from Kuwait stood at $39.1 million. Canada’s top merchandise exports to Kuwait comprised machinery, cereals and motor vehicles, while imports from Kuwait were almost exclusively mineral fuels and fertilizers. In 2018, Statistics Canada recorded $2.2 billion of foreign direct investment from Kuwait. Canadian direct investment in Kuwait was a modest $10 million in 2018.

As part of its development plan Vision 2035, Kuwait is rolling out investment partnerships and strategic investment opportunities valued at more than $100 billion in key economic and social sectors for investors. Kuwait’s plans present opportunities for Canadian companies in several sectors, including information and communications technology, oil and gas, renewable energy, electricity and water, urban development and housing, health care, education, transport, tourism and the North Zone development.

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