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Doing Business with Libya

Ongoing civil conflict, coupled with the threat of terrorist attack, the collapse of the rule of law and key state institutions, and the unavailability of a wide range of essential services has seriously escalated the risks associated with the pursuit of commercial activities in Libya. Given the volatile security situation, the Embassy of Canada in Tripoli has suspended operations on July 29, 2014. TCS officials have left the country. The Embassy of Canada to Libya, temporarily re-located to Tunis, has limited ability to provide commercial services. For more details, please visit Canada-Libya website.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) in Libya will provide your company with on-the-ground intelligence and practical advice on this market to help you make better, more timely and cost-effective decisions.

We can help you successfully navigate the complexities of the market, whether you're looking to export, establish your company abroad, tackle a market access issue, pursue a joint-venture or strategic alliance, participate in global value chain, seek technology and R&D partnerships.

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Visit the web site of the Trade Commissioner Service in Libya.

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Visit the Trade Commissioner Service web site for information on exporting, funding programs, innovation, science and technology, global value chains, and much more.

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  • Your nearest Regional Office of the Trade Commissioner Service in Canada provides export assistance to help you identify potential markets and develop your international business plans.


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