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The Canada-Mexico Partnership


Canada and Mexico share a dynamic and prosperous relationship: as friends, as North American neighbours, and as strategic partners in the Americas and in the world.  Over the years, our cooperation has expanded across a wide range of  political, trade, social, environmental and security interests.


The Canada-Mexico Partnership has issued its 2019 Annual Report. It highlights the work and progress of this important mechanism over the period and outlines its goals for the year ahead.

Canada-Mexico Partnership Origins

The Canada-Mexico Partnership (“CMP”) is our key mechanism for bilateral cooperation.  It serves as a catalyst for concerted action between our governments, private sectors, and non-governmental partners to pursue common goals and mutually beneficial priorities.  It was launched in Ottawa in October 2004, the year marking the 60th anniversary of Canada-Mexico diplomatic relations and the 10th anniversary of NAFTA.  (See 2004 CMP statement)

Canada-Mexico Partnership Overall Coordination

The Canada-Mexico Partnership meets once a year, with meetings alternating between Canada and Mexico.  The CMP is coordinated by senior public servants from Global Affairs Canada and from Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  There is no set membership of the CMP: rather, participation is determined by membership in one of the CMP’s eight working groups. The groups are not fixed:  the CMP accommodates shifts of priorities within groups as well as the phasing out or creation of new groups.

Canada-Mexico Partnership Working Groups (active in 2021

  • Agri-business
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Forestry
  • Human Capital
  • Mining
  • Trade, Investment and Innovation
  • Creativity and Culture

Working Group Membership

The CMP’s working groups bring together representatives from the public sector and the private sector.  Each group is co-chaired by senior decision-makers from Canada and Mexico, from both the government and private sectors.  The public sector is represented by individuals at both the federal and provincial/state levels while the private sector comprises members of business and industry associations, academic communities and other organizations. 

Work of the Groups

Each group develops its own goals and work plan and meets to advance its objectives on an as-needed basis.  An annual CMP meeting brings together all working groups to take stock of progress, highlight results and set new priorities.

2020 Virtual Annual Meeting Hosted by Canada

Canada hosted the 16th annual meeting of the CMP on November 26, 2020. The annual meeting was 100% virtual for the first time in its history. The 2020 CMP annual meeting placed particular emphasis on gender equality, a priority issue for both countries, and discussed ways in which Canada and Mexico can work together to overcome the crisis generated by COVID-19 and to strengthen their cooperation on trilateral issues to contribute to the prosperity and well-being of North America as a region. All working groups met during or on the margins of the annual meeting. Attendance was remarkable in 2020, with over 100 participants in the opening session. The meeting also benefitted from a strong social media presence driven by Canada’s Embassy in Mexico, including a local joint press release (in Spanish) with the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mexico will host the 2021 meeting. 

Previous CMP Meetings:  Host Country

  • November 2020 – Canada (virtual meeting)
  • November 2019 - Mexico
  • October 2018 - Canada
  • November 2017 -Mexico
  • November 2016 - Canada
  • November 2015 - Mexico
  • September 2014 - Canada
  • July 2013 - Mexico
  • May 2012 - Canada
  • April 2011 - Mexico
  • April 2010 - Canada
  • March 2009 - Mexico
  • March 2008 - Canada
  • March 2007 - Mexico
  • October 2006 - Canada
  • March 2006 -Mexico
  • September 2005 - Canada
  • October 2004 - (Launch) Canada


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