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Marriage and Divorce in Mexico

Marriage and divorce proceedings in Mexico fall under local State law and while the requirements are generally the same in all 31 states and the Federal District of the Republic, there could be some slight variations depending on the State. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you directly contact the local "Registro Civil" of the city where you intend to hold the ceremony in order to obtain complete information (there are "Oficinas del Registro Civil" in each city in Mexico). For those staying at a hotel, the management can provide you with the address of the nearest Registro Civil.

Only civil marriage is legally recognized in Mexico. A religious ceremony may be performed after presenting proof of a civil marriage, but this is without legal effect and does not replace the former. A civil wedding in Mexico is recognized in Canada.

Note: a marriage occurring in one state in Mexico cannot be legally registered in another state, nor in the Federal District.

To obtain a divorce in Mexico, you must be a resident of Mexico. Usually this process takes several months and you must reside here for at least 6 months before applying for the divorce. You may wish to retain an attorney in Mexico with experience in divorce proceedings

For further information about the requirements for foreigners who wish to marry in Mexico visit the webpage of the Embassy of Mexico in Canada.

Acquisition of Canadian citizenship through marriage

Canadian citizenship cannot be acquired through marriage. The Mexican spouse will have to obtain a permanent resident visa and will only be able to apply for Canadian citizenship after having met the residence requirements in Canada. More information can be obtained from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Acquisition of Mexican nationality through marriage

Mexican nationality cannot be acquired through marriage. You have to comply with Mexican immigration requirements to reside in Mexico. For information regarding acquisition of Mexican nationality, contact:

Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (in Spanish only)
Dirección de Nacionalidad y Naturalización de la Dirección General de Asuntos Jurídicos
Plaza Juárez 20
Col. Centro
06010 México D.F.
Tel: (55) 3686-5225


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