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Marriage in the Netherlands

At least one of the partners being married must be a permanent resident or a citizen of the Netherlands. It is not possible for two non-permanent residents; non-Dutch citizens; to get married in the Netherlands. In other words, two Canadians on vacation cannot get married in the Netherlands.

A marriage in the Netherlands is only valid if it has been solemnized by the 'Ambtenaar van de burgerlijke stand' i.e. the municipal registrar. Religious ceremonies can be held, but only after the civil marriage has been concluded. The Embassy does not perform marriage ceremonies.

Once you have all the necessary documents, you must visit the town hall in your place of residence. A non-resident partner must fill out an application form that will be forwarded to the Dutch Aliens police. As soon as the Aliens police have processed the application, they will advise the town hall. The town hall will then request you to come in and give notice of the marriage. Publication of the banns must occur between one-year and 14 days before the actual wedding date.

Necessary Documents

Dutch permanent residents or citizens must present a Dutch birth certificate or a foreign birth certificate that has been properly legalized for use in the Netherlands, and an identification card (Dutch passport, driver's license, national identity card). Non-permanent residents marrying in the Netherlands require a legalized birth certificate including full names of both parents, and either:

  • If a non-resident partner has been married before, legalized official divorce papers; or,
  • If a non-resident partner has not been married before, a legalized sworn statement called a "Statement in lieu of a certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad" available from the Consular Section of the Embassy.

Statement in lieu of a certificate of non-impediment

You must come to the Embassy in person during our opening hours in order to make the declaration that you are not married in front of the Consular Officer.

You must present your passport and proof of Canadian citizenship (Canadian birth certificate or Certificate of Canadian citizenship), complete the affidavit, and pay the fee.

Prior to visiting the Embassy, please email us a scanned copy of your passport and your proof of citizenship. 
Once you have obtained the Statement in lieu of a certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad, it must be legalized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs before it can be used in the Netherlands.

What to Do After the Marriage  

If you have questions about the validity of your foreign marriage, contact the Vital Statistics Office of your province or territory.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to use your Dutch marriage certificate in Canada, please note that it must be legalized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Canadian Embassy in the Netherlands before it will be recognized in Canada.

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