Message from the Ambassador

As a Latina-Canadian, I am honoured to have been named Canada’s Ambassador to Panama and to have the opportunity to bring together the best of Canadian and Panamanian culture and values to promote mutually beneficial strong partnerships and lasting friendship between our two countries.

Panama occupies a unique position within Latin America. Blessed by its strategic location and distinguished by its proud history, biological and cultural diversity, it is often referred to as the “Gateway” of the Americas and widely recognized for its tolerance, security and innovation.

Today, Panama is one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America as well as an international locus for free trade, investment and finance.  In recent decades, Panama has also emerged as a champion for democratic governance, human rights and regional stability.  More recently, the country has achieved important reductions in poverty and has pursued a National Agenda for Gender Equality at the same time and has increased its efforts to improve access to infrastructure by the Comarca indigenous communities.

Canada and Panama have enjoyed strong diplomatic relations since 1961. We are like-minded regional partners who share fundamental values of democratic governance, respect for diversity and social inclusion.  We are not only close allies in global fora and regional platforms, but we are both also strong advocates of free and open trade and a compassionate rules-based international system.  Building on these shared values, I look forward to us working closely together towards further strengthening democratic and transparent institutions, fostering inclusive growth and promote gender equality.

Important milestones in our bilateral relations include the 2013 Panama-Canada Free Trade Agreement, signed in 2013, our expanding educational and business linkages, increased collaboration on regional migration and security issues, and the plethora of exchanges that we nurture between our governments, businesses and citizens. Canadian companies are increasingly establishing a presence and contributing to Panama’s dynamic economy, while a growing number of Canadians live in and invest in Panama and more and more Panamanians are choosing Canada as a place to study, visit and work.

These diverse collaborative efforts are possible thanks to the knowledgeable and committed professional staff in the Canadian Embassy who work tirelessly to strengthen the bonds that benefits both of our nations. We invite you to visit the Canadian Embassy website to learn more about opportunities in Canada.

As a Canadian, we hope you will consider registering with the Embassy and as a Panamanian, we hope you will follow us on social media and learn more about our various initiatives here in Panama and what Canada has to offer.


Lilly Nicholls (Ambassador) and the Canadian Embassy Team