Collaborative sustainable development in Peru

"ISID’s CSR course allowed me to learn from experts in different fields, as well as to come in contact with various decision  makers in particular territories."
Aldo Huamán Arias
Project Officer, Socios Perú, Lima, Peru

When communities, governments and companies collaborate to develop a common vision for sustainable development, everyone benefits. For companies, corporate social responsibility (CSR) not only enhances their chances for success but also helps to foster a more stable and prosperous society.

The Government of Canada works with the Canadian business community, civil society organizations, foreign governments and communities to foster and promote responsible business practices, and thus support sustainable economic growth and shared value.

Canadian panellists delivering the course:
Top: Shawn Atleo, hereditary Chief of the Ahousaht First Nation and former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Canada; Ovide Mercredi, former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Canada; lawyer, negotiator and author; Philip Oxhorn, (PhD, Harvard), Professor of Political Science at McGill University.
Bottom: Sonia Laszlo, (PDS, University of Toronto); Associate Professor of Economics, McGill University; Ben Chalmers, Vice President of Sustainable Development of the Mineral Association of Canada; José Aylwin, lawyer and activist specializing in human rights and indigenous studies.

Effectively integrating economic, environmental and social priorities can be complex and challenging for many companies. Recognizing these challenges, the Embassy of Canada to Peru was proud to support McGill University’s Institute of the Study of International Development’s (ISID) 5-day course, “Corporate Social Responsibility: Creating Value through Collaborative Sustainable Development” in Lima, Peru. The Embassy helped to sponsor the participation of community leaders and civil society representatives from Peru, Chile and Argentina.

"When I signed up for the course, my objective was to learn and broaden my knowledge. It is my duty as a citizen to be informed of all realities, local, regional, national and international; and to be part of the solution and not of the problem."
Rufina Sarmiento Puma
Regional Community Leader for the Peasant Community of Atancama
Member of the Board of Directors of the Regional Federation of Women from the Apurímac Region FEMURA

Promoting public-private collaboration

Through panel discussions, workshops and lively debate, ISID’s program provided an overview of current issues in CSR as well as practical tools and strategies to align business objectives with the social and environmental objectives of CSR. Over the course of a week, participants at the course learned how diverse organizations can balance competing priorities and find solutions that create shared value.

The Embassy hosted an engaging panel discussion, “CSR: the Canadian Experience.” Ambassador of Canada to Peru and Bolivia, Patricia Fortier, moderated the discussion and provided insight on the importance of collaboration between government, businesses and NGOs towards creating shared values.

Participants from many sectors and different countries throughout Latin America had the chance to develop further professional skills in areas of CSR.

The Embassy of Canada was proud to support ISID’s CSR program which has helped bring together leaders from businesses, government and civil society to develop harmonized approaches in addressing social responsibility.