Education: Working in Teams

Many Peruvian scholarship holders will have access to excellent education in Canada, thanks to recent agreements and the joint work of both countries in recent years.  Peru and Canada are certainly experiencing an excellent phase of cooperation in education, which promises to create many more initiatives in the future.

During the visit of President Humala to Canada in April, both governments issued a joint statement highlighting advances achieved in a range of sectors, including social security, defence, security, cooperation and education.  Has interest in education grown?

"A lot" replies Andrea Voto-Bernales, Education Officer at the Canadian Embassy in Peru.  "During the last few years, both countries have increased their emphasis on education", she added.

For example, Canada has been chosen as a host country for Peruvian students under the "Presidente de la República" post-graduate scholarship program of the National Scholarship and Student Loan Program (Programa Nacional de Becas y Crédito Educativo - PRONABEC).

Canada is an excellent study destination. It offers high-quality education at affordable prices.


Another example is the recent agreement signed between the CALDO consortium and PRONABEC, which enables Peruvian scholarship holders to access the nine Canadian universities in the consortium.

"The Canadian government regularly invites representatives from Peruvian institutes and universities to participate in collaborative missions to Canada in order for them to establish links with their Canadian counterparts.  These agreements enable more Peruvians to benefit from the Beca para Líderes Emergentes de las Américas (Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program - ELAP) and go to Canada for six months with all expenses covered", emphasized Voto-Bernales.

She also stressed the success of the annual education fair organized by the Embassy, which showcases the education opportunities that Canada has to offer and promotes collaboration between institutions in both countries. 

(This article was produced by the Canadian Embassy in Peru and published by the Canada-Peru Chamber of Commerce’s magazine, Dialogue)