Citizenship Services

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Embassy’s Consular section will be limiting the number of passport and citizenship applications it will receive and process from Canadian citizens.

Starting 10 January 2022, only urgent passport and citizenship applications, or those with confirmed travel within three months, will be processed. If you require urgent passport or citizenship services, please send an email to the Consular Section at to provide a copy of your confirmed flight booking print-out or any relevant supporting document for your urgent processing request.

If you have already sent us an urgent passport or citizenship application via courier, kindly send an email to provide the reason and supporting documents for your urgent processing request. Please include the name of the courier service provider, waybill number and date the package was received at the embassy, in your email. Standard processing timelines will not apply.

Changes to citizenship rules

Online application

As of November 5, 2021, applications for proof of Canadian citizenship and search of citizenship may be submitted online. Visit these pages to find out if you can submit your application online:

Paper application

If you are advised to submit the application on paper, applications for citizenship certificates are pre-screened before being sent to the Case Processing Center (CPC) in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Important: Please ensure your contact information and your application details are up to date.  For specific questions related to an application and updates on your information, you may contact CPC-Sydney directly using the IRCC webform.

Applications may be submitted via commercial courier:

Consular Section
Embassy of Canada
Level 8, Tower 2, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue
Makati City 1200

You may check current processing times and your application status through the IRCC website.

Note: Add 3 to 4 months to the processing time to account for mailing time from and to the Embassy of Canada in Manila. We are not in a position to provide any status update on applications that are being processed in Canada.

Once available, the citizenship certificate will be sent directly to your local mailing address via courier-collect. If a Canadian mailing address was provided on the application form, CPC will send the citizenship certificate directly to the Canadian mailing address via Canada Post.

Return of original documents submitted with the application:

We require a local Philippine mailing address and contact number for the purpose of returning original documents (where applicable) via courier-collect.

If you opt to have your original documents returned to your mailing address outside of the Philippines, a pre-paid shipping label is required. Please coordinate with your nominated commercial courier if you wish to arrange the return of your documents via courier. In addition to the pre-paid shipping label, you may also need to enclose a self-addressed waybill, signed letter of authorization for the courier and a return courier envelope, where applicable.

Otherwise, the documents will be returned via untraceable postal mail. The embassy is not responsible for any loss of items.