Citizenship Services


Consular, passport, citizenship and notary services will be available on the following dates and locations listed below.

A confirmed appointment schedule must be arranged prior by email. Provide your name, contact details, service required and your preferred time. An email notification will be sent once the appointment is confirmed.

Completed passport and citizenship applications and documentary requirements will be accepted at these venues on these dates. 

New citizenship rules

Applications for citizenship certificates are pre-screened before being sent to the Case Processing Center (CPC) in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The processing time may take up to 14 months for a routine application.

Effective March 21st, 2011

Citizenship certificates will no longer be available for pick-up at the Embassy of Canada in Manila. Once the Embassy receives your citizenship certificate from the Case Processing Center (CPC), it will be sent directly to your local mailing address via DHL-Collect. If a Canadian mailing address was provided on the application form, CPC will send the citizenship certificate directly to the Canadian mailing address.

Important: Please ensure that you provide your complete mailing address and current contact details when submitting an application. Any change of address or telephone number should be advised immediately by email at

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