Jobs at our offices in the Philippines

In the interest of a fair and open competition, we do not maintain a database of potential candidates. Therefore, we do not accept applications on a speculative basis or hold CVs on file to be considered for future vacancies.

Our job opportunities are only open to individuals currently residing in the Philippines. Please be aware that in order to apply to work at the Embassy, you must be able to work legally in the Philippines. The Embassy cannot petition on your behalf for a work permit.

Job opportunities

Job opportunities are listed below, when available.

Emergency employment

From time to time, opportunities for short-term, emergency employment become available at the Embassy of Canada. If you are proficient in spoken and written English, have good computer skills (Word and Excel), and experience doing office work such as data entry and handling client files, you may be qualified for one of these opportunities.

Once you have sent your CV, please do not contact the Embassy to follow up. We will contact you for an interview if you appear to have the skills and experience needed for any employment opportunities that become available.


Kindly be advised that the Embassy of Canada in Manila is unable to offer work experience to students as there is currently no available internship program.