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Canada-Poland relations

Bilateral relationship

The Canada-Poland relationship has a strong historical foundation that is rooted in the deep personal ties to Poland maintained by the 1 million strong Polish-Canadian community. The Embassy of Canada to Poland, in Warsaw, represents Canada in Poland. Poland is represented in Canada by its embassy in Ottawa. Poland also has consulates in Calgary, Edmonton, Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Trade relationship

Poland is Canada's largest goods trading partner in central and eastern Europe. The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement provide opportunities to strengthen the bilateral economic relationship. Bilateral trade between Canada and Poland reached $3.08 billion in 2019. Canada exported nearly $744 million to Poland with $2.34 billion in imports.

Trade and investment agreements

Trade and investment agreements involving Canada and Poland:

For more information, consult trade and investment agreements.


Poland is an important member of the European Union and NATO. Canada was the first NATO country to approve Poland joining the Alliance, in 1998. Polish troops are deployed to the Canada-led NATO battle group in Latvia.

Multilateral partnerships

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