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You can pay online for all your passport services before submitting your application.

Apply or Renew While Abroad

Processing time for passport applications

  • It takes 20 working days to process any type of Canadian passport.
  • Passport Canada does not offer expedited services.
  • For emergency travels, please send us an email or call us for assistance.

Extra Passport Requirements from the Embassy of Canada to Qatar

Child Passport Applications:

Both parents must sign the application.  If one parent is residing outside of Qatar, s/he must go to the nearest Canadian passport office or embassy and fill out a "Consent for a Minor Child" form PPT-028. The passport office will send a copy of the completed form along with two pieces of ID to the Embassy in Doha and allow us to proceed with the application.

Your guarantor must sign and date the application and the back of one of the photos, after you have fully completed section 5. Applicants should sign in front of their guarantor, and not in front of an Embassy official.

In the case of separation or divorce, the parent who has custody of the child has the sole right to apply for a passport for a child by presenting a separation agreement and court orders. The Passport Program may contact the other legal guardian or parent.

In order to submit a passport application for a newborn, a citizenship application must be submitted at the same time.  You must also submit a statement explaining the reason why the newborn requires a passport before he/she receives their proof of citizenship. Valid reasons include upcoming travel for the child (an airline ticket should be included with the statement if this is the case) or residency requirements in Qatar.