Message from the Ambassador

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Canada to the State of Qatar!

Canada and Qatar continue to build on our strong relationship founded on our mutual trade, security interests, and people-to-people connections.  Canada established its Embassy in Qatar in 2012, and today there are over 9,000 Canadians living and working in Qatar who are helping to develop ties between our two countries. 

Explore our website:  Canadians can learn what consular services the Embassy provides and how to access them.  Residents of Qatar can find out more about how to do business with Canada, and/or how to access visa services through the Visa Application Centre in Doha, or through the Embassy of Canada to the UAE.

I am proud to have this opportunity to represent Canada in Qatar and I look forward to working with Canadians and Qataris alike to further our bilateral relationship.


Stefanie McCollum
Ambassador of Canada to the State of Qatar


Stefanie McCollum is a career public servant with a variety of management experience working in the Department of National Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces, Secretary of State, Public Works and Government Services Canada and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency before joining the Department of Foreign Affairs Canada in 2005. 

From 2005-2016 she led both the Management and Consular Services programs in Canada’s offices  abroad in San Francisco, Cairo, Bucharest and Sao Paulo.  In 2016, she returned to Ottawa to serve as Global Affairs Canada’s Director of Emergency Operations.  In this role, she led the Emergency Watch and Response Centre, which operates 24/7 to provide assistance to Canadian citizens in distress abroad, and to monitor and respond to international events and crises that affect Canada’s interest internationally. 

In 2017, she added to her portfolio the role of Director of MCO Renewal, which looks to support the Management and Consular Officer (MCO) community of Foreign Service professionals in Global Affairs Canada. 

In September of 2018, she was appointed Canada’s Ambassador to the State of Qatar.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and is married with two children.