Frequently asked questions

How can I submit a passport and/ or a citizenship proof application at the Embassy in Romania?

Applications can be submitted in person, sent through the regular or registered mail or by a commercial courier of the client’s choice.

Street address:
1-3, Tuberozelor Street
011411, Bucharest, sector 1
Tel.: + (4)021-307-5000
Fax: + (4)021-307-5010


Service Hours:
Monday to Friday 9:00- 12:30, except on holidays.

Where do I find a passport and/or a citizenship proof application form?

Passport application minimum requirements:

  • A completed application form.
  • A police report for a lost/stolen/inaccessible travel document.
  • Minimum 1 valid Government Identity document with photo and signature.
  • The original of your proof of citizenship, i.e. a Canadian birth certificate or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship. If the original of this document is not with you but available to someone, please ask them to bring it, along with their own personal ID, to a Passport Canada office or a diplomatic representation of the Government of Canada. The document will be validated there and transmitted to us via secure electronic channels to form part of your application.
  • Two photos taken by a photographer in the last 6 months (those taken at photo-booths are not accepted). Please read carefully the instructions concerning the format of the photos. There are photographers near our office in Bucharest.
  • Fees – to be paid by Visa (credit or debit) and MasterCard only.
  • Proof of imminent travel, in the form of a ticket or electronic confirmation, if applicable.
  • The Statutory Declaration concerning a lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or inaccessible Canadian passport (PPTC203) •The Statutory Declaration in lieu of Guarantor, if you do not have an eligible guarantor in the country. Note that this declaration (which is not available online) must be signed before a Consular Officer, and that the references indicated on this form must differ from those on the Passport application form. You are being asked to provide a total of four (4) references, whom we must be able to contact on the phone prior to issuing your travel document. Consular fee applies. 

Lost/stolen/inaccessible passports:

Applicants will be required to appear in person at our office.

The issuance of a replacement travel document is entirely at Passport Canada’s discretion. Under normal circumstances, we are usually able to issue a Temporary Passport or an Emergency Travel Document on the second or third business day after we receive a complete application. You may need to reschedule your flights accordingly, but we advise only doing so after a consular representative of the Embassy has assessed your situation.

Change of last name due to relationship change

If you wish to have your new passport issued in your new name, you must submit one valid government issued piece of signature ID that bears your new relationship name and signature, such as a drivers licence, a passport of another country or a health card. Please note that this ID need not be Canadian. Bank or credit cards are not accepted.

Please include your marriage/ divorce certificate with your application, but bear in mind that it is not acceptable as supporting document. A supporting document confirms that you are currently using the application name and signature in your everyday life.

Legal name changes

Passport photo specifications

There are no photo studios which can be recommended.

There are photo studios in the proximity of our office (Piata 1 Mai).

Citizenship proof photo specifications:

Who can be my guarantor and passport reference?

Your references must have known you for at least two (2) years. You cannot use a family member or your guarantor as a reference. The references do not have to be Canadian citizens.

Passports for children:

Do I have to bring my minor child (under 16 years of age) at the time of the application?

No, unless you are specifically required by the processing office to do so.

Do both parents of a child under 16 years of age need to be seen in person?

Yes, the consular representative has to see both parents, either at the time of submitting your application, or on passport pick-up.

What are Supporting Identity Documents?

A supporting document confirms that the name requested on the passport application and the signature on the application is used in your everyday life.

The Canadian birth certificate or the Canadian citizenship card/certificate are proofs that you are a Canadian citizen; they do not prove that you are daily using the names on these cards. Similarly, a marriage certificate is proof that you are or were married and not that you are using daily that married name.

You must submit at least one valid government issued piece of photo ID that bears your everyday name and signature. Your Canadian passport is a valid supporting document, provided it is still valid or has been expired for less than one year. Supporting ID need not be Canadian. Bank or credit cards are not accepted.

Newborn abroad Citizenship & Passport:

Please apply for a citizenship proof first. The citizenship application will be sent to the processing centre in Canada from our office. To check the processing time please visit: Check application processing times

If the child needs to travel urgently in the near future on a Canadian passport, before the Canadian citizenship card is received, please submit both citizenship and passport applications at the same time and include a short statement explaining why you cannot wait to receive the child’s citizenship certificate before applying for his/her passport.In addition to the forms and required documents detailed on the website, please complete and submit the supplementary form PPTC116 (available on request by contacting Services for Canadians Section).

This Limited Validity Passport form (PPTC116) is to acknowledge that you have applied for your child's citizenship and that you are aware that your child will be issued a two-year limited validity passport and that the passport will not be extended. We aim to process passport application within 20 business days.

When one parent is abroad or in Canada at the time of the passport application:

Before submitting the passport application, please contact our office for specific information.

Fees and methods of payment at Embassy in Bucharest

Passport processing time

The processing time for a new passport is 20 business days from the date we receive your completed application, whether you drop it off in person or send it through the mail.

Incomplete applications

Incomplete applications will be returned to the sender by local regular mail.

Who will contact me when the new passport is ready?

The Embassy will contact you only if your application is incomplete or if Passport Canada requests additional information or documents. If you do not receive any notification from the Embassy, you should assume that your file is proceeding normally and that you can collect your passport either in person, or by courier, after 20 business days.

We do not offer courier services and we do not contact couriers on behalf of clients.

Unclaimed passports

Passports uncollected within 60 business days will be returned to Passport Canada for safekeeping without further notification.

Can I travel to Canada without a Canadian passport?

A Canadian passport is the only reliable and universally accepted travel and identification document available to Canadians for the purpose of international travel. Passport Canada clearly states that Canadian citizens returning to Canada who present other documents, such as a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, birth certificate, provincial driver's licence, or foreign passport, instead of a Canadian passport, may face delays or be denied boarding by transport companies.