Medical Services in Romania

Canadians are advised to consult a physician or travel medicine specialist well in advance of travelling to determine health risks. Important factors to be considered include the individual's state of health, current immunization status, and travel destination, as well as the local disease situation. Vaccinations and other special precautions may be required. For a list of travel medical clinics in Canada, call Health Canada's Travel Medicine Program at 613-957-8739. Additional travel health information is available on Health Canada's Web site.

Any other queries regarding medical coverage should be addressed to the relevant provincial office.

The general emergency number for ambulance, police and fire department is 112.

Please note that in Romania the physicians, hospitals, drug stores, etc. will ask to be paid immediately for the service required or performed.

Romania has a number of public hospitals and private clinics. These, however, are not up to Canadian standards.

A list of physicians, private clinics and hospitals is available. This list is provided for convenience and information purposes only.