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Canada-Uzbekistan Relations

Bilateral relations

Canada established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1992. We are represented in the Republic of Uzbekistan through the Embassy of Canada in Moscow, and a Consulate headed by an Honorary Consul in Tashkent. Uzbekistan is represented in Canada through its Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Canada and Uzbekistan enjoy positive bilateral relations that continue to be strengthened by annual political consultations covering a wide range of issues. The most recent political meetings were held in Ottawa in 2018. The meetings involved commitments to explore new avenues for working together in areas such as trade and investment, education, water management, and regional security. In 2010, Canada and Uzbekistan signed a Memorandum of Understanding on expanding cooperation between Foreign Ministries by deepening political, economic, scientific, cultural, and humanitarian cooperation.

Canada is encouraged by the ongoing political and economic reforms in Uzbekistan. We are committed to supporting their domestic reform efforts, as well as those aimed at building regional stability and prosperity. Canada views Uzbekistan as an important regional player in Central Asia, as well as a partner in a number of international organizations.

The Canadian Embassy in Moscow manages the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) program in Uzbekistan. The CFLI program provides direct funding assistance to local non-governmental and civil society organizations for several projects.  

Trade and Investment

Uzbekistan has successfully implemented a first wave of major economic reforms since early 2017. These include foreign exchange liberalization and tax reforms. Further plans include an ambitious trade and investment agenda. Strengthening ties in commercial investment holds great potential for our bilateral relations with Uzbekistan. Canada’s exports to Uzbekistan were $6.3 million in 2018. These exports were mostly chemical products, nuclear reactor machinery and parts, as well as electric machinery. In 2018 Canadian imports from Uzbekistan came in at almost $700,000. Our imports consisted mainly of fruits, nuts, and oil seeds, as well as aluminium products.

July 2019

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