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Canada-Oman Relations

Canada is represented by the Embassy of Canada to Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. Canada has an honorary consul in Muscat. Oman is represented in Canada by an embassy in Washington, D.C.

Canada and Oman share common objectives in the areas of international peace and social and economic development. Our relations are very cordial. Oman has pursued a pragmatic foreign policy, frequently mediating between its neighbours, and has given diplomatic support and provided a base for facilities for the campaign against terrorism in Afghanistan. Our bilateral relations include defence cooperation as the Canadian Armed Forces have had long-standing access to Omani ports. Oman has been a member of Canada’s Military Training Cooperation Program since 1980 and its military personnel have participated in several courses and training opportunities. In both Canada and Oman, education is a high priority. The Government of Oman offers annual scholarships to its citizens to pursue higher education in Canada.

Commercial relations with Oman have traditionally been modest. In 2017 the value of all trade between Canada and Oman was close to $127 million. Canada exports a large variety of merchandise to Oman, with the primary goods being cereals, vehicles, and electrical and other machinery. Imports from Oman fluctuate, with plastics usually forming the largest portion of Canadian imports. At times, Canada also imports fertilizers, aluminum products, and iron and steel.

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