Canada - The Gambia Relations

Canada - Gambia Relations

Diplomatic Relations

Canada and The Gambia established diplomatic relations in 1966, soon after the country gained its independence in 1965. Relations between both countries are limited. Canada encourages The Gambia in the respect of human rights as well as responsible and inclusive governance. In The Gambia, Canada is represented by the Embassy of Canada in Dakar, in Senegal. The Gambia is represented in Canada by the Embassy of The Gambia in Washington D.C.

Trade Relations

Trade relations between Canada and The Gambia are modest. In 2018, the main Canadian merchandise exports to The Gambia include vehicles and equipment as well as animal products. The main Canadian merchandise imports from The Gambia are machinery, electricals and electronic equipment, animal products and food products. Bilateral merchandise trade amounted to $3.2 M. Exports were valued at $2.2 M and imports from The Gambia at only $1 M. To date, no commercial agreement exists between Canada and The Gambia.

Development and Humanitarian Assistance

In 2015-2016, total Canadian aid disbursements reached $2.62 million. In 2015-2016, the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives of the Embassy of Canada in Dakar financed three projects on the prevention of child, early and forced marriage as well as on the question of gender in the media. See Project Browser for additional information on programming in The Gambia. 

Other Relevant Information

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