Canada - Guinea-Bissau Relations

Canada - Guinea-Bissau Relations

Diplomatic Relations

Canada and Guinea-Bissau established diplomatic relations in 1975. Following the military coup in 2012 which was promptly condemned by Canada, the diplomatic ties between the two countries were suspended by Canada. The democratic election of President M. José Maria Vaz in 2014 allowed the diplomatic relations to resume.

Canada in Guinea-Bissau

Canada does not have an official mission in Guinea-Bissau. The Canadian Embassy in Senegal has been responsible for representing Canada’s interests in Guinea-Bissau since 1976. Guinea-Bissau does not currently have any official mission in Canada. 

Common Memberships

Canada and Guinea-Bissau cooperate on various common issues as members of the United Nations (UN), the Francophonie and the World Trade Organisation (WTO). 

Trade Relations

Canada has a very modest trade relationship with Guinea-Bissau. Merchandise trade in 2017 was valued at $129,000 of which $107,000 were Canadian exports, mainly from the automotive and footwear industry.

Trade Agreements

Canada does not currently have any trade agreement with Guinea-Bissau. However, a Memorandum of Understanding on the Least Developed Countries Market Access Initiative was signed in 2003 between the Governments of Canada and Guinea-Bissau. 

Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Global Affairs Canada’s support mainly targeted projects promoting good governance, including support to civil society. See the Project Browser for additional information on programming. 

Other Relevant Information

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