Canadian jobs in Singapore

The staff of Canadian missions consists of two (2) categories:

  1. Canada-based staff are recruited by various government departments in Canada. They are employees who have a diplomatic status when posted abroad. For information about joining the Canadian Foreign Service and writing the Foreign Service Exam, please refer to the Global Affairs Canada website.
  2. Locally-engaged staff are recruited locally by the High Commission. Here in Singapore, employment opportunities are posted on our website when a vacant position is to be staffed by way of an open competition. These job opportunities are only open to individuals holding a valid document proving their right to work in Singapore and currently residing in Singapore. Please do not submit your application unless you satisfy these conditions. Job opportunities are listed below, when available.

Job opportunities 

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Emergency employment opportunities

From time to time, the High Commission hires emergency employees for a specific period of time not exceeding 125 working days per year, especially in the Immigration section.

If you decide to submit your application for emergency employment in anticipation of potential recruitment, you must include the following documents as electronic attachments:

  • curriculum vitae or résumé
  • letter of motivation
  • proof showing you are having the right to work in Singapore
  • proof showing you are residing in Singapore

Send your application by email to