Cirque Alfonse from Canada tours Sweden with its new show Timber!

Timber! by Cirque Alfonse © Timothy Cochrane.

The Quebec circus company Cirque Alfonse brings to Sweden its new show Timber! blending the arts and techniques of the circus and infusing them with the most picturesque facets of traditional Quebec folklore. The artists perform incredible feats of aerial acrobatics that are directly inspired by the natural raw materials of the forest and the equipment used on the farm. The talented acrobats and musicians create a colourful, energetic scene where we can witness epic feats of agility and strength, inspired by the exploits of the first North-American lumberjacks, loggers and farmers.

For more information, please visit Cirque Alfonse’s website.

Cirque Alfonse will present its show in Stockholm, Skövde and Gothenburg from November 6-24. For more information and tickets, please follow the links below (available in Swedish only):

Date:     6-17 November 2013
Place:    Subtopia, Stockholm

Date:     19 November 2013
Place:    Skövde Teaterförening, Skövde

Date:     22-24 November 2013
Place:    Stora Teatern, Gothenburg