Prize of "la Francophonie" in Sweden

In March 2014 the Embassies 1 organising la Fête de la Francophonie in Sweden are awarding the "Prix de la Francophonie en Suède", with a prize sum of SEK 30,000.

The nomination process is open:

  • to any person resident in Sweden or any organization based in Sweden,
  • for a Francophone project or initiative carried out in 2013:
    • in Sweden or in one or several member countries of the OIF (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie)
    • that embodies one or several of the missions of the OIF:
      • To promote the French language as well as cultural and linguistic diversity
      • To promote peace, democracy and human rights
      • To support education, training and research
      • To develop cooperation for sustainable development 

Registration process

Nominations can be submitted by any person or organization by returning the nomination form (available for download on the website of the French Institute in Sweden) and any relevant documents to the following address:

If nominating a person or organization other than yourself, you must inform the nominee(s) of their nomination and of the Prize Entry Rules.

Nominations may not be submitted by employees of the Embassies organising the Prix or their families.

All applications must be received by 31 January 2014.

For information and the nomination form in Swedish, please see the website of the French Institute in Sweden.

The activities of the month of Francophonie in Sweden are supported by

1 Algeria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, France, Greece, Lebanon, Moldavia, Morocco, Republic of the Congo, Romania, Switzerland, Tunisia