Canadian artist Ysabel LeMay exhibits work in Stockholm

(© Ysabel LeMay 2013).

The work of Canadian artist Ysabel LeMay will be exhibited at the Couture Galleri in Stockholm from 5th-29th September 2013.

Quebec-born LeMay began her career as a graphic artist in 1987, working for prominent advertising agencies before opening her own firm in Vancouver. Whilst studying painting at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, she made the transition to fine arts and became a full-time painter in 2002.

In 2010 she turned her attention to photography. Combining technical expertise with her roots as a painter, LeMay continues to explore the power of nature through ‘Photo-Fusion’, her unique digital layering technique. The innovative process involves capturing hundreds of photographs on camera before individually adjusting the lighting and fine tuning the visual properties of each one to form a single composition. With each project taking up to 8 weeks to complete, the result resembles a hyper-realistic painting and represents LeMay’s interest in blurring the boundaries between painting and photography. LeMay describes Photo-Fusion as a “delicate dance of balancing everything within the space” and her work is a personal way of giving thanks to the grace and organic intelligence of nature.

In 2011 LeMay was selected as the winner of the KiptonArt Rising Star Program in New York. Her work has been displayed at over 40 exhibitions throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

For further information on the exhibition, please visit the Couture Galleri website.