Notarial Services

Consular officials at the Embassy of Canada in Bern have authority to perform a variety of notarial services, in cases where a public notary in Switzerland is not able to perform the service.

The Embassy of Canada in Bern may provide a notarial service if the original document is provided and the following conditions are met:

  1. All documents provided must be in English or French, or accompanied with an official English or French translation.
  2. The client is a Canadian citizen or the document is to be used in Canada.

It is the responsibility of the client to verify in advance if their document will be accepted by the requesting authority.

The Embassy of Canada does not provide translation services.

Prior to submitting documents, please contact us . We will determine if your request falls under our mandate and as required schedule an appointment at the embassy as notarial services are available by appointments only.

Consular Fees and payments

We accept Visa and Master Card credit card payments. Please complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization.

Consular Fees Specialized Services (CAD)

  • Authentication / Legalization: 50 CAD
  • Affidavit / Statement of non-impediment to marriage: 50 CAD
  • Witnessing a Signature or a Declaration: 50 CAD
  • Certified copy: 20 CAD per page
  • Passport certified true copies (1-3 copies): 45 CAD

For more information about Consular and Notarial Service fees, you may consult the Consular Fees (Specialized Services) Regulations. If a discrepancy exists between the Consular Fees Specialized Services listed above and the Consular Fees Specialized Services Regulations, the latter shall prevail.

Authentication of Canadian Documents

Consular officials at the Embassy of Canada in Bern may process to the authentication of certain Canadian documents to fulfill the requirements of the Swiss administration.

The Swiss authorities may require that a document issued by a federal or provincial authority in Canada concerning a birth, marriage or death be authenticated by the Embassy of Canada in Bern. Other Canadian documents may also be authenticated, our list is not exhaustive.

For additional information on how to have Canadian documents authenticated, so that they will be acceptable for use outside Canada, you may consult the Authentication of Documents section of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.

Legalization of Swiss Documents

In Canada, the requirements to authenticate a document are determined by the recipient organisation, to which the document is being submitted. 

In order for our consular officials to legalize a foreign document, the document must be signed by a public notary or lawyer in Switzerland, and then be legalized by the state chancery of your canton of residency.

For contact information at the cantonal level, you may consult the Address list of the cantonal authorities.

Certified Copies

The Embassy of Canada in Bern can provide certified copies of original Canadian documents, or original foreign documents to be used in Canada such as birth, marriage, death certificates, diplomas and passports.

Statement in Lieu of Certificate of Non- Impediment to Marriage Abroad

Canadian citizens residing in Switzerland are occasionally asked to provide a Certificate of Non-impediment to Marriage. While Canadian law neither requires nor provides for the issuance of such certificates, this document can be obtained through the Embassy. The Embassy may only provide a Statement in Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad.

For more information, you may consult Marriage Formalities in Switzerland.

Witnessing a Signature, Oaths and Affidavits

The Embassy of Canada in Bern can arrange to witness a signature, administer an oath or receive an affidavit as required by the receiving authority.